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We’ve all heard the stories of sleepwalkers cleaning homes, going for walks, or fixing meals in their sleep. Perhaps you know a sleepwalker, or maybe you’re a sleepwalker yourself. So what causes being to sleepwalk and what else should you know about this interesting phenomenon?

The formal name for sleepwalking is somnambulism, and it is an occurrence that usually happens within the first few hours of sleep and lasts between 5 and 15 minutes, according to Cleveland Clinic.

Although the name would suggest that sleepwalking consists of walking in your sleep, this is not always the case. Some other signs of sleepwalking include talking in your sleep, having your eyes open and looking awake while actually sleeping, or sitting up and moving while you’re asleep.

Sleepwalking can occur because of a number of factors including: genetics, certain medications, interrupted sleep, and sleep disorders. In order to treat and help prevent sleepwalking, you should avoid caffeine around bedtime, set up a regular sleep schedule and pattern, or consult a medical professional if you believe the sleepwalking is a result of medication, stress, or anxiety.

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