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You’ve probably heard before that turkey makes you sleepy, and what sounds better after a big Thanksgiving dinner than a nice nap? But, does turkey really make you sleepy? 

Turkey contains an amino acid called tryptophan, which can become serotonin (but not always). So, yes, technically turkey can make you sleepy. However, turkey doesn’t contain any more tryptophan than foods you probably eat regularly, including chicken, fish, cheese, and milk. So, why do people think that turkey makes you sleepy?

It’s likely the whole Thanksgiving meal in itself that’s guilty for your sleepiness. Turkey gets pinned for the drowsiness after a holiday meal because it is a common staple at these gatherings. However, it’s a combination of the excitement of the holidays, the stress of traveling and preparing dinner, and the typical overconsumption of food (especially carbs) all associated with the holidays that are to blame for many people feeling sleepy after a Thanksgiving meal.

So, enjoy your Thanksgiving this year, and know that if you get sleepy, it’s not just the turkey’s fault. 

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