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Factory Mattress and Bedroom in Greenville, NC knows that our mattresses are something we depend on daily to bring us comfort. More than that, our beds are meant to give us a good night’s rest so that we can wake up feeling refreshed and inspired. Suffice it so say, your mattresses Greenville NC set should not be something that stress you out every single time you are ready for rest. And, you know you have had enough when your mattress begins to physically hurt your neck or your back or your legs.

Though a lot of people may not realize it, we need our beds to be comfortable, safe, and invitational. We need comfort, because life affords us enough daily stresses that we need a bed that can mentally support our good dreams and our bad ones, too. We need safety, because our bodies cannot afford to ache throughout the day, which prevents us from living efficiently. Lastly, we need the invitation to sleep, because otherwise we may not rest at all.

Factory Mattress USA specializes in providing high-quality, durable mattresses for those who want the rest they deserve. Designed for your comfort, your sleep relief, and especially for you – our mattresses Greenville NC products keep all your needs in mind.

  • Imagine the last time you slept comfortably. We don’t mean in a hotel bed, or some other bed that wasn’t your own. We mean your personal bed. Has it been too long?
  • Imagine the last time you woke up in your bedwithout pain. Was it your neck? Your back? If it was last week or every day this month, then maybe it is time to treat yourself to better sleep.
  • Imagine the last time you came in from a long day of work and dropped into bed. Has it been too long?

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