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There’s nothing better than a nice afternoon nap after a big Thanksgiving lunch. You may have heard that this post-Thanksgiving meal drowsiness is brought on by turkey, but is that really true? According to LiveScience, the answer is no: turkey does not actually make you sleepy.

Some people argue that turkey makes you drowsy because it contains an amino acid called tryptophan, which does in fact cause drowsiness. However, turkey does not contain any more tryptophan than most foods. In fact, turkey has less tryptophan gram for gram than cheddar cheese. 

So, why do you feel so tired after a Thanksgiving meal? It’s probably a combination of things such as exhaustion from traveling and/or cooking, consuming a large amount of carbohydrates, drinking alcohol to name a few. All of these factors combined with the tryptophan found in turkey (and other items on your Thanksgiving menu) work to make you more tired than usual.

So, don’t resist the urge to take a nap or get a few more hours of sleep on Thanksgiving night. The holidays while fun can be exhausting, and you deserve a break!

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