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We all naturally have a sleep position or two that we prefer. However, some sleep positions are better for your posture and health than others. Different sleep positions come with different health benefits. However, sleeping on your side tends to be the best overall sleep position.

1. Side

PROS: Sleeping on your side can help with acid reflux, back pain, and snoring. Side sleeping is also ideal for pregnant woman. To help align your spine, it’s also suggested that you sleep with a pillow between your legs when you sleep on your side.

CONS: This position can put pressure on the stomach and lungs. Also, depending on what side you sleep on, you can face temporary arm-numbness, because you can restrict blood flow and press down on your nerves. You may also be putting a lot of your body weight on your shoulder which can strain your neck and shoulder muscles.

2. Back

PROS: Sleeping on your back is the second best sleep position for your health. It is especially beneficial if you have neck/shoulder pain or nasal congestion. Just make sure that you have a pillow that offers the proper lumbar support.

CONS: Oftentimes those that sleep on their back suffer from frequent snoring-this is because gravity forces the base of the tongue to collapse into the airway. Sleeping on the back can also closely linked to sleep apnea later on.

3. Stomach

PROS: This sleep position can help prevent snoring.

CONS: Sleeping on your stomach is the least healthy sleep position since it provides the least back support while you sleep and can also lead to muscle and joint pains. If you do like to sleep on your stomach, sleep with only a thin pillow or no pillow at all.

Changing Your Sleep Position

If you want to change your sleep position, you can do so, but it will likely take time. To do so, you’ll want to go to sleep in the desired sleep position, and readjust yourself if you wake up and you’ve changed positions. You may also need to readjust your pillows to accommodate the new sleeping position.

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