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Everyone sleeps differently: some can sleep through a loud, booming thunderstorm, while others wake up at the drop of a pen. Some like to listen to white noise or music while they go to sleep, while others want complete silence. So, what do the sleep experts say when it comes to sleeping with sound?

According to Early Bird by Amerisleep, sounds affect different people differently. On top of that, different types of sounds have different impacts on our sleep. Furthermore, sounds that occur during certain sleep cycles are more likely to disturb us than when we’re experiencing other sleep cycles. So, let’s break all of this down.

According to one study, people’s tolerance for noise during sleep depends on their brain wave patterns. In addition to that age plays a factor with children and senior citizens being the most sensitive to nighttime noises.

Sounds that we associate with emotions, such as a baby crying, are more likely to wake us up than noises we become accustomed to such as traffic noises. And, there are actually some sounds that have been shown to help many people sleep better such as white noise machines and other ambient sounds.

Our sensitivity to noises is also impacted by the cycle of sleep we are in. The second cycle of sleep, where we are not experiencing deeper, REM sleep is when we are most likely to be awakened by sounds.

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