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Along with a quality mattress, your sleep position has a huge impact on your quality of sleep. Sleep position can affect back pain, snoring, and sleep apnea to name a few. Also, factors such as age, weight, and pregnancy can determine what sleep position works best for you.
According to sleep.org, these are some of the benefits and pitfalls of the various sleep positions:

  • Back- sleeping on your back is one of the least popular sleep positions, but it is also one of the healthiest. This sleep position can help to alleviate back pain as well as acid reflux. However, if you have sleep apnea or experience snoring, sleeping on your back is not the ideal position for you.
  • Side- sleeping on your side can relieve back and neck pain, snoring, and acid reflux. It is also the ideal position for those who suffer from sleep apnea. However, this position can increase your chance of developing wrinkles down the road because of the pressure it puts on one side of your face.
  • Fetal Position- This is the most popular sleep position for adults. It is especially beneficial for pregnant women and those who snore. However, this sleep position can cause back and neck pain in some.
  • Stomach- This is one of the least beneficial sleeping positions. The only noted benefit is that it can alleviate snoring. However, it causes a number of other health concerns.

For more detailed information about sleep positions and other factors affecting your quality of sleep, visit sleep.org.

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