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If you’ve ever slept on uncomfortable bedding, you know that rough, scratchy sheets can ruin your sleep. However, higher thread count doesn’t always mean better quality. So, how do you know which sheets are the best for a good night’s sleep?

According to sleep.org, the ideal thread count for sheets is 200-400. Any higher than 400 thread count, and your sheets can actually make you hot while you sleep because they aren’t breathable enough. Also, pay careful attention to thread counts and materials in your sheets, because some companies will use cheaper materials to get a higher thread count.

Aside from thread count, it’s also important to take into account the material that the sheets are made with. Natural materials, like cotton and bamboo, are typically best, especially if you have sensitive or if you tend to get hot while you sleep.

Once you buy your sheets, be sure to wash them regularly and dry them at a low setting. Avoid fabric softeners, because the chemicals in them can actually wear down your sheets quicker.

You know what goes great with a new set of comfortable sheets? A new, quality mattress! Come to see us at Factory Mattress and Bedrooms in Rocky Mount, NC today for your next new mattress.