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According to tomorrowsleep.com, blackout curtains can help you sleep better in a number of ways:

  • By blocking sunlight, moonlight, and any sort of artificial light coming through your windows, blackout curtains can help your body to produce more melatonin, which can help you to sleep better.
  • Not only do blackout curtains block light, they also help to reduce outdoor sounds that could be keeping you up at night.
  • If you work irregular shifts and find yourself needing to sleep during the day, blackout curtains can certainly help you to get the sleep that you need.
  • Blackout curtains can also help to maintain your room’s temperature so that you can sleep soundly, no matter the weather outside.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, blackout curtains could be a great solution for you. For quality mattresses that will help you to sleep soundly, come by to see us at Factory Mattress and Bedrooms in Goldsboro, NC.