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Bed bugs are the little visitors that no one wants in their homes. So, what are they, and how do they find their way into your beds in the first place? Bed bugs are small brown insects that crawl throughout your bed, feeding on human blood through biting. Bed bugs typically find their way into your home and your bed through other infested items like used furniture, clothing, and luggage. Oftentimes, they enter the home after you’ve visited an infested area such as a hotel, airport, retail store, or a number of other public places.

One of the key signs that you have bed bugs is when you wake up with bug bites. The bug bites are often itchy and red, much like a mosquito bite. You may also notice small blood stains on your sheets and/or mattress. If you begin to notice a musty odor coming from your mattress, this is another sign of a bed bug infestation.

If you figure out that you have a bed bug infestation, you need to act immediately. Because bed bugs are so small and breed rapidly, it’s hard to get rid of bed bugs once you find them. 

If you find bed bugs, you should remove all of your bedding and wash it in hot water and then dry it on a high setting. You should also wash the curtains in your bedroom as well as any clothing you’ve slept in. Be sure to check items like books, shoes, and clothing near your bed to see if the bed bugs have traveled there as well. You’ll also want to use a stiff cleaning brush to scrub your mattress, especially the seams in the mattress. From there, you’ll need to vacuum your mattress several times; make sure to clean out your vacuum afterwards.

After your mattress and bedding has been cleaned thoroughly, you’ll want to cover your mattress in a plastic cover to trap any bed bugs that are still hidden. It’s advisable to keep this cover on for a year, as bed bugs can live up to a year in your mattress.

Oftentimes, it’s advisable to replace your mattress and bedding altogether after a bedbug infestation, since bed bugs are so difficult to get rid of. Even if you do get rid of your mattress and bedding, still be sure to clean your room, boxspring, and bedframe thoroughly. 

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