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Factory Mattress and Bedroom wants you to get the best night’s sleep and knows that even owning one of our quality mattresses may not always do the trick. Millions of Americans suffer from not getting enough sleep for various reasons such as hectic work schedules, sleeping disorders, stress, etc. We’ve compiled a list of the pros and cons of each sleeping position.

1. Back

PROS: This is the proper way to sleep for spine and neck health because the back isn’t forced to be contorted. Mattresses are also typically just for this position. This also is a great position because the face isn’t squished up against a pillow, thus less wrinkles!

CONS: Oftentimes those that sleep on their back suffer from frequent snoring-this is because gravity forces the base of the tongue to collapse into the airway. Sleeping on the back can also closely linked to sleep apnea later on.

2. Side Sleeping

PROS: This is the most common sleeping position. Most Doctors recommend this style of sleeping, especially during pregnancy as it helps with circulation to the heart. Side sleeping also can help with heartburn and acid reflux.

CONS: This position can put pressure on the stomach and lungs. Also, depending on what side you sleep on, you can face temporary arm-numbness, because you can restrict blood flow and press down on your nerves. You may also be putting a lot of your body weight on your shoulder which can strain your neck and shoulder muscles.

3. Stomach Sleeping

PROS/CONS: While this position is good for snoring, it’s terrible for everything else. This position leads to a lot of back and neck pain because your spine is contorted. Denying your spine a neutral position throughout the night can lead to a lot of back issues. Also you may be putting pressure on your muscles and joints. You may need to train your body to sleep in another way,

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Factory Mattresses and Bedrooms care about your mattress needs to insure that you have the best sleep possible. Though we may not be able to help your busy schedule, we can help you with the quality of your sleep and what you sleep on. The mattress industry has evolved from the days of only a few choices in comfort. Consumers now seek to find the individual level of comfort our unique body’s desire. Whether that is an Ultra Plush Pillow Top, Memory Foam, Latex or an Extra Firm, Factory Mattress and Bedrooms has the right sleep set just for you. We look forward to being your mattress store of choice, now and in the future