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f you have been listening to the radio and wandering around certain stores, then you have probably heard about or seen My Pillow. Maybe you even own a My Pillow! As your leading mattress store of Greenville, NC and surrounding areas, we thought to give you the back story spiel on this new product.

What Exactly is My Pillow?

My Pillow was dreamed of, designed, and developed by Minnesota’s Mike Lindell. Its design is meant to give you relief from all the usual symptoms of having a bad night’s rest due to your pillow. For instance, a lot of standard pillows have the tendency to become too flat, too hot, or too old. Ask Mike, and he maybe he will tell you: it is guaranteed the most comfortable pillow you will ever own. 

Will My Pillow Work?

Your comfort in pillows is totally up to you. Some people like flat pillows and others like big fluffy pillows. According to Washington Post and a number of other reviews, there are some issues with the infomercial’s for My Pillow. There are such issues that even the Better Business Bureau will not support the company. to be fair, they have received more than 200 complaints although the company makes a million annually.

If you are considering My Pillow to accompany your new Factory Mattress USA bedding, beware o the following:
  1. the buy one, get one trap- as it turns out, you may not be getting a free My Pillow. Instead, you somehow end up paying the full price of the product.
  2. the fluff issue-  if you want a fluffy pillow, you have to do a little work for it with My Pillow. According to certain sites, the pillow has to be put in a dryer to increase its fluffiness.
  3. differing prices- the faulty commercial deal aside, the price of the pillow seems to range from about $49 to $80. Your safest bet is to probably go to My Pillow’s website.

Even so, who knows if My Pillow could be right for you? If you need a new mattress, skip all the drama and come on over to Factory Mattress USA!