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Factory Mattress and Bedroom in Shallotte NC knows that it is hard to get sleep even if you have one the best mattresses when you’re dog is up and about. We’ve got your back, and we have comprised a list of tips to help get your dog (and YOU) the sleep it deserves.

1. Give Your Dog Activities

Most Americans work all day outside the house, leaving your pup bored and sedentary throughout the day. This could leave to obesity and other health problems in dogs besides being restless at night. A way you can fix this is providing lots of toys for your dog to play with. One of the best types of activities are food puzzles, because they mentally challenge your dog, and you can always adjust the difficulty. Another toy that’s good to have around is any type of chew toy. This is great for your dogs jaw strength, and it can help alleviate any pent-up anxiety.

2. Help Your Dog Make Friends

Before some breeds were domesticated, Dogs naturally lived in packs. Canine interaction is very important to lots dogs. This doesn’t mean that you have to get another dog, but make some time to visit your local dog park. This play will help get out any pent up energy, and they’ll be thankful to have the some friends of the same species.

3. Make Time for Play

We get it. When you get home from work, the last thing you want to do is leave the house again, but engaging and playing with your dog helps them use their energy in a productive way. Take them out for a walk, play tug of war, play fetch, or use your imagination! This will help your dog understand when play time is, and when it’s time to wind down at night.

Need More Help?

Factory Mattress and Bedroom understand that sleep is important for you (and your animal friends). If you need any more help with mattresses, feel free to contact us today!