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Factory Mattress and Bedroom in Wilson, NC knows that it can be hard to get a full night’s sleep during the school year, even if you own one of our quality mattresses. Naps, however, can be a great way to catch up on those z’s that you have been missing. Follows these tips to take the perfect nap during the school year.

1. Get a Timer

The most productive naps are those that are during the day and are short because it’s harder to wake up once you get past the first two stages of sleep. The ideal nap length is 20 minutes. All you need is a timer. It can be on your cell phone, watch, or a basic alarm clock. Set an alarm for about 25 minutes to give yourself some time to relax and get a full 20-minute nap.

2. Find a Dark And Quiet Place.

Light and sound have huge effects on our internal clocks, and can negatively affect our overall sleep patterns. It’s important to find time to step away from those blaring fluorescent lights, laptop screen, and our cell phones. Put them away and turn off the lights. If you have a roommate, you may also want to invest in some earplugs. These items can help you fall asleep faster.

3. Relax

Take some time to shut off those troubling voices in your head. This is your time to take care of yourself. Those problems can wait. Take some tips from meditation- concentrate on breathing, relax your muscles, and imagine something calming to you.

4. Don’t Feel Guilty

Napping is both natural and can only make you better. Students who take just 20 minute naps are more likely to have a better mood, have improved concentration, alertness, and motor skills. Taking care of yourself first means that you can be your best self when you help others. If you have more time, extend your nap to about 45 minutes or 90 minutes for additional boots in creative thinking and sensory processing.

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