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These may feel like personal questions, but when is the last time you cleaned your mattresses? Replaced them? Threw them away? Now that it is a new year, it may be wise to go ahead and replace yours for a fresh new start. If you have had the same mattress your whole life, for years even, there are a number of ways that it could be harmful. Have you resolved to get more rest in 2017? Old, worn out mattresses can prevent you from even taking a good nap. Have you resolved to spend less money in 2017? Covering any old mattress with new sheets, new bedding, and new pillows will not get you there. Have you resolved to take better care of yourself in 2017? A noisy, out of shape mattress is not going to support you. Fear not, however! Factory Mattress USA has affordable, brand new mattress deals in store for you!

Are you unsure whether or not to replace your mattress? Our mattresses store serving Greenville, NC and surrounding areas has just the right tips! 

  • You need more space: whether you have a partner or pets, there always comes a time when you need more space out of your mattress.
  • You need more time: actually, your sleeping time is being spent tossing and turning. This is one of the leading signs your current mattress is no good for you.
  • You need more quietness: think of your mattress’s squealing and creaking as a SOS. It is personally telling you that its time is almost up.

Our mattress gurus know you will probably feel better just looking at a fresh, new firm or soft mattress. Imagine the space you will have. Imagine tossing and turning no more! Imagine how quiet it will be.

If your mattress has any of the above issues, go ahead and give Factory Mattress USA a call!